Wednesday, 12 May 2010


A tearful goodbye.

Today marks my 5th and final day in the blogpaper office. Not eventful but i've had positive feedback on all my doings within the company, a guaranteed reference and thats good enough for me.
My time here has led to some insightful knowledge on the publication industry and some of the lengths required to get a fledgling company up and running. I've had to think about demographics, innovative publicity strategies and a hint at the headaches involved with attracting investors.

My last parting gift (as i like to think) was a genuine request by Karl and Anton (the founders) to give critical feedback on their imminent presentation for UK investors. I felt that a 'Britons got talent' buzzer would of added a nice style to my critique, which all in all was very sparse as they seemed to know what they were talking about. Company projections and long term goals make feel slightly insecure about my future, (post degree), what do I want to do, who with, and where are all questions floating around my head.

Although I've enjoyed the viral side of my intern duties, (I think it's my witty quips and comments on Facebook and the blogpaper articles), and the recent election has created an abundance of topical issues to squark about on twitter and alike. I think that for myself personally I would like to point my future career a little closer to the creative side of a publication, i.e shoot production or editorial aspects, seeing as I am a photographer. I still love to organize and write lists so with any luck I do that in my spare time.

But for now, I thank the blogpaper, Anton, Karl, Felix, for their help and for providing this opportunity for me. And if you are reading this as an impartial party sign up, start writing and you could get published.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Things have been pretty hectic, thankfully i've finished my research paper, (I'm one of a few smug people that have), given blood, been working at the blogpaper (in London), working in my local at the weekends, and trying to accomplish a 'realised' visual project for the end of my second year at UCA.
My last post explained the ins and outs of what i'm supposed to be doing as an intern and well i've been doing it. I have to admit the Facebook and Twitter stuff is becoming a little obsessive, I get up and check it, then I check it again and again.
I think it's becoming unhealthy.

I've also been contacting plenty of P.R agencies, being nice and polite asking for reviews. Some have been nice and polite back others just haven't replied. Weirdly they all seem to be girls in the P.R business, maybe it's something about our feminine wiles.

The office vibe is a good one, often of a German persuasion so every now and then I just sit back and let the conversation pass me by, I have considered learning the language, my house mate did tell me how to say 'my name is...' the other night but i've already forgotten, which doesn't bode well.

The mundane...
I've been sent to the post office and with my sense of direction it took a while, finally found it after I asked about 5 different people, (I really should show more compassion for those St. Ives tourists) and I was also been sent to get print cartridges. I went to Hackney. This was probably a little drastic but I made a commitment to the Hackney branch of Cartridge World and damn it I was going to find it... again insert bad sense of direction and 2 hours of wondering aimlessly and...
TA DAARR! Fresh ink cartridges. I am very dedicated.