Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The first day.

This may seem selfish but i'll admit this blog is more for myself than anyone who follows it, although you might get something useful out of it.

Company:, internship (unpaid)


Universal House Unit 6

88-94 Wentworth street

E1 7SA London Uk

Start date: 21/04/10

Duration: 4 weeks

Hours: 10 – 5pm

Company Description: is a news community which allows anyone to publish written and visual work online and in print. Rating and commenting, in other words the community defines what gets promoted to the front pages as well as to the printed version. theblogpaper publishes the first user-generated newspaper in London.


With a collection of many unfinished adolescent diary's, (even just the ones for dates) I thought why the hell not create a little blog for the documentation of my internship at,

After all it is rather fitting.

DAY ONE: (I can't help but imitate the Geordie Big Brother man)
for a better word, induction day, what i'll be dirtying my nose with over the next 4 weeks or so...

- Viral Marketing, P.R. liaisons and even a tiny bit of event management, a tiny bit.


Online management of Facebook, Twitter and theblogpaper websites, this involves:

- Reading, rating and stimulating debate among readers on the most recently submitted articles/blogs at theblogpaper website.

- Posting my personal top 3 new articles on Facebook (and Twitter).

- Online communication/ interaction with the Facebook, Twitter followers.

- Completing a second filtering of the ‘twiped’ followers on Twitter; Emailing invites to join theblogpaper community, sending information via a media pack to relevant individuals and general correspondence.

- Looking for new and interesting blogs, sites that would be suitable for our target audience.


Research and the contacting of various P.R companies, sourcing, free products/ events for review by theblogpaper community and advertising said sourced events on the above social networking sites.

Information required for the advertisement of the review opportunity:

- Name of Event.

- Location.

- Event Dates (There must be at least 5days notice before the event date).

- Event imagery, photo and logo.

- Brief press statement (to be re written for the website).

Special Task:

The research and organisation of theblogpaper Limited launch night:

- An innovative, appropriate venue within east London area, suitable for approximately 150 people, (the more imaginative the better).

- Food, types of food, caterers, etc.

- Drink.

- Sponsorship.

Find the cheapest and most expensive options for review with the bosses!

Marion x

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